School Policies

The following policies will be strictly enforced:

Admission Policy

Tuition fees, in full, must accompany the application for registration. Application forms must be fully completed and signed by parent / guardian.

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Tuition Fee Refund Policy

There will be a 50% refund for those who withdraw within two weeks of registration. There will be NO refund after two weeks.

Weather Emergency

The School will be closed if there is 3 inches or more of snowfall 6 hours prior to the starting time of the School, in a 10 mile radius of the school; or the local temperature is below -20degrees Fahrenheit. Cancellation of a school day will be decided 4 hours prior to the start of the school and will be communicated to the students.

Security and Safety of Students

Students are expected to remain in the School building and may not go outside unless accompanied by parents or teachers.
Parents are discouraged from picking up their children early. In the case of an emergency, parents will need to seek permission from the Principal.
Parents must inform the school administration regarding all changes in their address, phone numbers and emergency contact information.

Discipline and Conduct

Students are required to respect the school's property and equipment.
Damage to school property will result in fines and disciplinary action.
Food may not be consumed during class (this includes soda and gum).
Abusive language and improper behavior will not be tolerated.
Repetitive improper behavior can result in suspension from the School.

Dress Code

Everyone on the premises is required to observe the Islamic dress code. Women / Girls will wear Hijab and full length garments. Men / Boys will not wear shorts.
Heelys (shoes with wheels) are not allowed in the School.


Regular attendance is required. Three consecutive missed classes, without prior notification, written or oral will result in suspension. Poor attendance will result in the parents being required to meet the Principal to discuss the situation.


All students are required to be in their classes by 10.10 am. Students arriving late will need to obtain a permission slip from the school office.

School Hours

1st Period 10:30am to 11:15 am
2nd Period 11:15am to 12:00 pm
Break 12:00pm to 12:20pm
3rd Period 12:20pm to 1:05pm
Salaatul Dhuhr 1:15pm (All students are required to attend; part of curriculum)

NOTE: Pre-KG and KG students have to be picked up by 1:00pm, before the start of Dhuhr Salaat. All other students will go to the prayer halls. The school has no arrangements to baby sit any child. The parents will be entirely responsible for their children after school hours.


The school will supply all textbooks on the first day of school.

Homework-Quizzes and Exams

Students are required to have their homework completed before arriving at school. Each grade will establish its own Quiz and Exam schedule for the year. This will be communicated to all the students and parents in a timely manner.


Involvement of parents in their child's education is required to ensure the success of the school and its educational agenda.

Commitment to the Weekend Islamic School will ensure that we foster an Islamic atmosphere where our children can learn about our Deen in the best way possible.