Sis. Akthar Khan

Education: B.A.

Experience: Involved in the Naperville Muslim Community since 1990. Helped in establishing a Weekend Islamic School for the Naperville Muslim Community. Responsible for finding school location, books, curriculum meetings, student lunches and award ceremonies arranged Young Muslim’s Competition on Islamic Knowledge (ICNA) for the students of ICN for over 10 years.

Served as a Majlis-El-Shura member of Islamic Center of Naperville for two years. Organize monthly Qiyammulayals, speakers, food arrangements, community picnics, Eid gatherings and activities for the children and youth.

Established and organized the first Weekend Islamic School program for the Schaumburg community at Masjid Al-Huda in 2005. Presently serving as the principal and coordinator for the school. Manages a staff of nearly forty educated and highly dedicated teachers and about 250 students from Pre-KG thru 10th Grade.

In 2006, Elected as the principal of Islamic Community Center of Dupage to help organize and create a unique curriculum with a focus on extra curricular activity.

Br. Nazir Razvi

Have been teaching Quranic Tafseer for over 25 years at various Islamic Schools including Islamic Foundation (15 years).

Have been a student of Shaikh Mohammad Amin.

Always striving to impart to the students a sense of the ‘Spiritual’ and a deeper understanding of their own humanity and a realization of their relationship with Allah (swt).

Br. Shahnawaz Khan

Treasurer & Administrator

I have been serving the Islamic Center of Naperville since 1990. I served as a Majlis El Shura member at Islamic Center of Naperville from 1990 to 2002 and held the offices of treasurer, Masjid building management, administrator for ICN Saturday School, and assisting in organizing Friday prayers.

Early retirement allowed me to fully concentrate my efforts on the needs of the Islamic community of Naperville. I help organize fund raisers, picnics, dinners, award ceremonies, and various other school events. For over a decade, every Ramadan, I have been helping in organizing and coordinating Taraweh prayers. I am currently serving Masjid Al-Huda and Islamic Center of Dupage as Treasurer and Administrator.

Sis. Zubeda Mohmedshafi

I am a Medical Assistant by profession. I am teaching Grade 1.

I was Tajweed teacher in Abu Dhabi for 6 years. I have done tarjuma course from the Academy of Quran run by Dr. Asrar Ahmed, Lahore, Pakistan.

My aim of life is to learn and teach Quran to our children.

Br. Mujahed Khan

I teach 4th grade Islamic Studies at Masjid Al Huda Sunday School. I am currently studying at Benedictine University to be a nutritionist. Insha’Allah, after achieving my degree; I would like to further continue my education in Islamic Studies. This is my third year teaching at the Weekend School and I have found this experience very rewarding. May Allah (swt) bless us all for our efforts.

Sis. Aisha Mohiuddin

Alhamdu-lillah, I have recently graduated with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Art. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to become a teacher. Working with children is my passion. When children are around, I am always learning new things. I always thought about teaching at Sunday School, and now that I have completed the main portion of my studies, it has become possible with the help of Allah (swt).

Subhan-allah, it is a beautiful masjid and I feel very much a part of it, since I have watched the masjid grow to its current state in my community. Alhamdu-lillah, we have a place for our youth to come and learn Quran and the beautiful religion of Islam. Currently, I am teaching Islamic Studies to the 1st graders. Alhamdu-lillah, so far I am having a wonderful time, while learning and teaching at the same time. The staff is working together to create a safe Islamic learning environment, masha-allah. Insha-allah, may Allah (swt) guide us all and help us in our current and future endeavors of raising our Muslim youth. Ameen!

Br. Azghar Ahmed

I am teaching the sixth grade for Islamic Studies and memorization. Professionally, I am a software developer and I have recently joined the Alim course to further my knowledge of this great religion.

Sis. Sohena Hafiz

Inshallah I will be teaching 3rd grade Islamic studies. Currently, I am helping the Principal with the administration.

I always had a desire to serve our muslim commumity. I have taken this as an oppurtunity provided by Allah (swt) and Inshallah, I will put my best efforts to increase my knowledge of the deen and to pass it on to our next generation.

My experience includes teaching in a professional college for a couple of years.

Sis. Faiza Khan

I am the fifth grade Islamic Studies teacher at Masjid Al Huda Sunday School. I have completed my Masters Degree in Public Health from Benedictine University and am currently work as a Public Health Educator. My academic background and close involvement with the Islamic community is the driving force behind my desire to teach the Muslim youth. Alhumdulliah, so far the experience has been personally gratifying and overall successful. Insh’Allah, I plan to incorporate innovative teaching styles, interactive projects and greater student contribution to shape up another year of enlightenment, enjoyment, and most of all more blessing from Allah (swt).